Padding on slow and sluggish
Early in the day
Get more done
You stand waiting for the train and think about how easy it is to lose your step

I see you
With your faces puffed from the beating heat, the cold
The redness steaming up your cheeks
And temperatures rising with the anger in your blood
I see you
While your head is spinning from lack of sleep
You still find strength to read the words in your book
Or stare at the brightness of your phones
Something cheesy
As though your life is a film,
Something cliche
Like you think you’re the next Kerouac
Or Roy, Or James
I see
I think sometimes
That the lugging of the train mimics my heart
Or the electricity in my brain
Snapping at the synapses
And when the train slows,
I slow
Everyone slows
And we meld into a simmering slosh
Mouths salivating and
Breaths caught up in our throats

Our journeys to work, to loved ones, to people hated
With a passion so huge it might eat us up
Sometimes I smile so much I laugh and folk catch sight
Sometimes they can’t help but smile with me
On days like that I have so much hope for humanity that
I smile all day.
Amongst that carriage. the writhing, white heat.